The mission of Aqua Foundation for Women is to serve and support the lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community in South Florida through grants, scholarships, and initiatives.


Our annual grant program awards organizations in a variety of areas including wellness, youth empowerment, therapeutic counseling, cultural enrichment, equality and more.

We provide scholarships to benefit students attending or entering college who are active in South Florida’s community. We identify emerging leaders and help them develop and grow through our scholarship program, which includes a component designed to facilitate collaborative and leadership skills.

Each scholarship recipient is paired with a mentor whose expertise is typically in the same field as the recipient’s field of study. The mentor’s objective is to lend support to the recipient with her education, personal development, and community goals.

AFW identifies and targets the needs of the LBT women’s community and develops initiatives designed to incentivize our community to fulfill them.

Building Alliances and Identifying our Community Needs
We create an open dialogue with our community through strategic partnerships and relationships with individuals and organizations invested in our shared vision. And, we build and strengthen relationships with mainstream organizations to foster the wellness and equality of LBT women.

Fostering Philanthropy and Building Community
We encourage women to become invested in their community by volunteering and the act of giving through ongoing events, our membership program and leading by example.