If you are interested in making an incredible impact on the life of an LBT woman then becoming a mentor to an Aqua Scholar is the perfect fit for you! Mentors are carefully matched each year with a scholar who they will work with. They are expected to maintain monthly communication with their mentee as well as attend quarterly gatherings of the mentors and scholars. A mentor provides encouragement, advice, and support to their mentee.

Mentors serve as an important part in women’s lives and Aqua scholar mentors are no exception. For many of our scholars, time with their mentors is one of the most important, impactful experiences as scholarship recipients. Mentors act as role models and supportive guides as they develop a relationship with their scholar. Aqua Foundation Mentors help provide the scholar with an individual connection to AFW and our mission and they help scholars grow into leaders by assisting them in identifying goals and working towards accomplishing them.

To apply to become a mentor simply fill out the mentor application form.

Quotes from mentors on their experience

Being a mentor for the first time has been a very interesting and rewarding experience. I have learned how I can make a difference by sharing time and listening to someone who is experiencing one of the most important things in their life. The learning experience goes both ways and I feel motivated to share and learn more about the people around me after being a mentor. – Adriana Prieto

It has been great meeting my mentee. Sometimes I feel I have learned more than I have contributed. – Victoria Azpurua

Mentor Program Overview

The mentoring process begins (after mentors and scholars have been carefully paired with one another) at the first of four quarterly meetings that occur between all the scholars and mentors. These quarterly meetings are required attendance and the focus at the meetings is on providing support to the mentors and scholars and building the mentor/scholar relationship. In addition to the quarterly meetings scholars are responsible for setting up monthly meetings between themselves and their mentor so that they continue to build their relationship and learn from one another.

Contact Information

Contact MJ Castells via email at mj@aquafoundation.org or phone (305.576.2782) for more information or if you have any questions about the program.